Review: Bidsketch

Nobody likes writing proposals. As a freelance web and video designer, one of the worst parts of my job was trying to write and deal with large bids. Usually I’d try and use Microsoft Word and typically it would be a formatting nightmare, resulting in weak, meandering proposals that didn’t get my clients and I on the same page.

Enter Bidsketch. Bidsketch is an online proposal creator, engineered to save you both time and money. With Bidsketch you can not only make writing proposals a breeze, but you can also track who views and approves your proposals.

Having used this product off and on for several years, imagineUtopia can honestly say that bidsketch is the best system out there that we have seen.

I had never heard of bidsketch, but had always thought the process of proposal writing was a brutal time suck, that often yeilded no results. One day, at a local Adobe Photoshop group, a collegue told me about bidsketch and suggested I try out the free version.

I was impressed from the start. bidsketch is what I had been searching for. This was so much better than trying to create proposals in Word. They often had formatting issues, I struggled with the content, and nothing ever looked quite right.

One of the main problems with being a web designer or programmer is creating bids that look good and get you the job. In the past, we had times where we spent a bunch of time on a porposal that didn’t look good, didn’t get us the job and took several days. With bidsketch, this issue is cleared up by providing excellent formatting and functionality to the bid creation process.

The drag and drop backend is a huge time saver. You can write the sections you need and then easily reorganize them as needed. This allows you to easily customize bids for individual clients and not let it have a stiff, cookie cutter feel.

The system actually makes writing bids fun! By using the templates that the system provides, you no longer have to mess with tabs and bad list item formatting and all the headaches you are used to.

Need several versions of the same bid? Writing porposals for motion graphics often can require several versions of the same bid, with small detail changes. Again, bidsketch can help save the day by streamlining this process and allowing you to duplicate and tweak as needed.

Instead, bidsketch gives users a streamlined process and options to create beautiful .pdf’s that clients will love.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, you need to. Visit today and get started on one of their trial platforms.

Your business will thank you.


Also, check out the short video we created as a thanks to bidsketch for their great product.

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